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Drugstore Leave-In Conditioners for Natural Hair

Leave-in conditioners are essential for natural hair care but they don’t have to be expensive to work. There is a common misconception in the natural hair community that the more expensive the product, the better it performs. I beg to differ.

Unless there are specific ingredients you are after (or wanting to avoid) or if you are after a specialized product, many do the same job. Unless of course there are certain things like silicones or oils that don’t agree with you and your hair, then of course, you’re required to be a bit more selective. In particular, I’m speaking to someone who is looking to just the basics right and find products that work with their hair and wallet. 

When learning natural hair care, we often overlook the methods and techniques for proper natural hair care and focus too much on purchasing every new hair care line that drops. We neglect the basics and fall victim to shiny object (or product, in this case) syndrome.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts (and will continue to do so), the number one contributing factor to hair breakage and lack of length retention is dry hair.

By nature, curly, coily and kinky hair textures are more susceptible to dryness as the natural oils from the scalp cannot travel down the hair shaft with ease, in comparison to our counterparts with straighter hair and looser curl patterns. So unless this issue is combated and given attention, it will be extremely difficult to grow healthy natural hair and retain those inches we all yearn for.

In this previous blog post I break down the best method for moisturizing natural hair for maximum moisture retention and growth. 


It can be incredibly hard to find leave-in conditioners that work well for natural hair without leaving heavy build up and residue because let’s be honest, most of the products weren’t made for us. I am always on a mission to find affordable products that work well for curly and coily hair textures to share with you guys!

Believe or not, some of the drugstore brands that we all know of, have leave-in conditioners that your hair will love. Many of them cost a fraction of the price of what most natural hair products cost. Don’t believe me? Try them out for yourself and see.


Suave came out with a natural hair collection featuring a great lineup of moisturizing, paraben free products. Their leave-in conditioner was designed for natural hair and has one of my favourite ingredients: shea butter.


On of favourite leave-ins for detangling and styling mid week on a non-wash day. It’s lightweight and melts right into the hair. I grew up knowing the brand but could never use their products so I was happy to know that they partnered up with Black chemists to create this collection.  


Made with 20% Shea Butter, the Earth Supplied leave-in conditioner is perfect for thick hair post shampoo. It provides lasting nourishment without any added sulfates, parabens and silicones. 

I’m a long-time fan of OGX collections since before I started my natural hair journey. This combing cream is perfect for moisturizing and detangling, leaving the hair soft and protected long after wash day.

I recommend reading this blog post if you’re interested in learning how to create a simple and manageable natural hair care routine or if you’d like to tweak and improve the one you currently have, you’ll find this blog post very useful.

2 thoughts on “Drugstore Leave-In Conditioners for Natural Hair

  1. I have never tried leave-in conditioner. I feel like it would work well for the ends of my hair. Love learning more about it here! I completely agree that the best types are not always the most expensive!!

  2. The suave line is great! I’ve used their shampoo and regular conditioner but never their leave-in. Thanks for sharing!

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