Planning an Affordable Wedding

I think at one point or another, every young girl and woman at that, daydreams about her wedding day. I know I did. From the way I’d style my hair, to the song I’d walk down the isle to. I had a vivid mental image of my wedding dress and the exact length of the veil I’d wear and how it would fall perfectly on my lower back, just above the lace trim of my open back dress. I wanted a ceremony in a grand church followed by a beautiful, outdoor reception. At this point all I was waiting for was the groom to insert into my picture perfect vision. 

planning an affordable wedding

Why We Decided on a Courthouse Ceremony

What I didn’t take into account was the cost of making this dream a reality. Fast forward to my adult years, I’d finally met the man of my prayers and dreams. Though having a beautiful wedding was at the top of our list, being smart with our money was a more of a priority. 

We imagined throwing a fabulous wedding then coming home to our tiny, one bedroom apartment with hardly enough closet space for the both of us. Not very smart or practical, in our opinion. We decided we’d save all our coins to buy a house! Great investment and we could see our hard work in tangible form. 

Regardless of how and where we got married, the important thing for us was to solidify our love and make it legally official. And so we planned a small, courthouse wedding with our closest family and friends. It was an intimate ceremony and we had the sweetest officiant who made everyone feel so welcome. 

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How We Did It

The process of our civic wedding consisted of things: the marriage certificate, the venue and the wedding officiant. We had to obtain a marriage certificate (different from a marriage license which you apply for after you are married) prior to booking the chapel at our local civic center. One we had secured our venue for a nominal fee, we found a wedding officiant (the person who performs the ceremony) through a local directory. We wanted someone who would be able to perform a Christian ceremony and incorporate prayers and Bible passages- this was very important to us. We had been in communication with our officiant for months before the wedding via email to ensure we were a good fit.

Apart from the vision that we were putting aside for the time being, I didn’t want to deprive my mom of was the dress shopping experience with me. So one random afternoon a few weeks before the wedding, we strolled into a boutique bridal shop and tried on dresses! We enjoyed the experience of being pampered and trying on different styles of wedding gowns- especially ones that I never imaged myself liking and they were all so beautiful!


Along with the pressure of having the perfect dress comes with the rings and wedding bands. The numbers quickly add up when you’re trying to decipher the things you want and those that you actually need. When we ran the numbers and calculated the cost of rings, we realized this crucial element would knock out budget out of the park! I stumbled upon Modern Gents Trading Co. after hearing about them from a friend who had been eyeing them for months. I couldn’t believe they created such amazing wedding jewellery pieces at such a great price- way belong the market value. 

It took some convincing because we weren’t sure about the quality of the rings since the prices were so great, but my husband finally agreed to purchase our temporary wedding bands from them and we couldn’t be happier! Initially we thought we would upgrade our wedding bands shortly after we got married but the quality of the Modern Gents rings was so unmatched, we couldn’t imagine changing them. The story behind our intimate and memorable wedding lies in the beautiful reminder that we wear on our fingers and I’ve become so emotionally attached to them even though we can now afford a more expensive, traditional set.

We chose the Infinity in rose gold and silver for him (we loved them both and couldn’t decide on just one), and The Desire for me. I had initially ordered the wrong size but the exchange process was so quick and hassle free that I had my ring back in time for the ceremony just two days before. Imagine how elated and relieved we were when the package showed up on our door step. 


My husband allowed himself to splurge on my engagement ring which he got from People’s Jewellers. We returned a few weeks after the ceremony to get my ring resized as it had been purchase over the busy Christmas season and the customer service was so amazing!

Looking back at our experience, I’m happy we did it the way we did. We do plan to have a wedding celebration in the near future, after we buy a home of course, so that all our friends and family that couldn’t make it to our impromptu ceremony can celebrate with us. You better believe that I’ll be rocking up in my dreams dress on that day, veil and all.

Will you be planning an affordable wedding or are you considering splurging on your big day?

19 thoughts on “Planning an Affordable Wedding

  1. There are so many ways to have a beautiful wedding with out having to take out a second mortgage on your house or end up in a ton of debt. My husband and I wanted a simple yet elegant wedding and we were able to utilize the wedding vendor events and interview and get information on what would work well for us. My mom and I made all the center pieces. My husband and I made a budget of what we wanted to spend and we did a great job really sticking to it. We had fun and it was a perfect day with friends and family and in the end isn’t that what it is really all about. Celebrating your love and being with family!

  2. I love how you are showing that you can have a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune. My husband and I get married when we were 18 so we definitely could not afford a fancy wedding nor did we want one. We decided to have a small wedding in my grandparents backyard with our closest danish members. It so so special because that was the backyard where I grew up playing as a child. And to be honest, even if we have the money to have a big wedding, I wouldn’t have it any different. Thanks for sharing your amazing day and you looked beautiful in your wedding dress.

    1. Its completely possible to plan a beautiful wedding even without all the “bells and whistles”. I think had we had a fortune to spend, we still would not have opted to. That’s so beautiful! The sentiment of getting married in your backyard is so priceless, especially with all those precious memories surrounding you on your special day. Thank you and I’m so glad that this post resonated with you xoxo

  3. I totally agree, a marriage shouldn’t bust your budget! You offer great solutions to a beautiful but practical day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much,so glad you agree! We had an amazing day and it was so special to us 🙂

  4. Your wedding was perfect! I had the big wedding and if I could go back I really would juat ask my pastor marry us one day after church. In my opinion yall’s day was perfect and smart lol. So beautiful may I add!! Congratulations to you both. I pray a life of happiness for you guys.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you think so! It was so fitting for that moment in our lives and we just decided to do what we thought made the most sense at that time. It was simple but I was still nervous haha.
      You’re so sweet, God bless you xoxo

    1. You’re so sweet- thank you so much!
      I’m glad you think so! 🙂

  5. This ceremony was beautiful. Congratulations on your nuptials and many blessings on your marriage. I love the dresses you tried on. I hope you all have an amazing baller, blowout vowal renewal!

    1. Thank you so much, you’re so sweet. Haha yasss, a blowout vow renewal is definitely in the cards!!!

  6. This is so cute! Nothing wrong with not blowing the bank on one day. Everything turned out beautiful. Totally worth it to make a smart financial decision and still have a great event!

    1. I’m glad you agree and we managed to save money that we can spend on more long term purchases. Glad you agree and thank you xoxo

  7. Smart decision and great celebration! Simple wedding with all the happiness is the best thing and I just love your wedding ring and the dress. Thanks for making us a part of your big day with this post. Celebrate and enjoy your family time xx

  8. I love your dress! My wedding didn’t break the bank either. I’ve never once regretted my small, budget friendly wedding. Congratulations!

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