Best Cities for Millennials to Live in the U.S.

Realtor magazine reported that in 2019 millennials have begun to flee popular big cities like New York and San Francisco, heading for the more affordable suburbs instead. Whether you’re thinking of doing the same, want to buck that trend and enjoy life in the city or find a sport somewhere in between, these are some of the top options for millennials to consider. Here are a few of the best cities for millennials to live in the U.S.

Best Cities for Millennials to Live in the U.S.
Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City has become one of the most popular to move in recent years, located near mountains, drawing many who want to enjoy lots of outdoor adventures among fantastic scenery. There are lots of job opportunities with Denver’s job growth outpacing many cities across the country, especially in areas like information technology and software.

Residents enjoy plenty of green spaces, a wide range of cultural attractions, outstanding restaurants, and a long list of microbreweries, too. If a house right in the city is too pricey, nearby towns like Littleton or Englewood are a lot more affordable while being within reasonable commuting distance.

Austin, Texas

Austin Real Estate has been a hot pick among millennials for a while now, offering lots for young professionals and families. The job opportunities are many, and future job growth is expected to continue to rise. The Texas capital is the headquarters for Whole Foods and a number of major employers like Google and Apple call it home too. With so many tech giants here, the city has even earned the nickname “Silicon Hills.”

The Austin area is also home to more than 200 parks, plus over 50 miles of trails for walking and biking. The nightlife is buzzing here too – the city is famous for its music, known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, with countless venues for enjoying live music, as well as hosting the South by Southwest Music Festival which draws big-name artists. 

Atlanta, Georgia

The cost of living and plentiful job opportunities have led many to move to Peachtree City. Thanks to low unemployment rates and a projected addition of 1.5 million jobs by 2040, it’s a very sought-after destination among job seekers, especially millennials. There are over 500 aerospace companies located here along with many others, like film and TV production, healthcare, and media. Those who move here will find plenty to do in their offtime too, from pro sports games, live music, and Broadway shows to an outstanding food scene with restaurants serving everything from pho fusion to BBQ and southern comfort cuisine. 

Boise, Idaho

Another great pick for those who want to be close to the mountains, Boise is tucked into the high desert of Idaho in the foothills, bisected by the Boise River. It has a booming economy with lots of jobs, especially in tech and healthcare, along with affordable housing and a revitalized downtown that offers great shopping, dining, performing arts, and more. You’ll find trendy bars, funky restaurants, craft breweries, and colourful murals that make it fun just to stroll around. 

For those who prefer living outside of the city and enjoy amazing hiking access, the nearby town of Horseshoe Bend is a great choice, although it would be difficult to go wrong with so much outdoor recreation available in this region. 

Whether you’re entertaining the thought of moving now or considering it in the near future, there are many great cities for millennials to live in the U.S. With life changing everyday, there are many aspects of each city that are extremely attractive. 

Do you currently live in one of the cities above? If so, what is your favourite thing about it?

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