Creating Family Traditions as Newly Weds

Up until last year, I had never cooked a turkey before. Ever. My husband has just relocated from the UK two months earlier and I wanted to host a family dinner to bring everyone together and make him feel at home. I found an easy recipe on Pinterest the night before and voila- Thanksgiving Dinner. It was an amazing turkey, if I do say so myself.

Family traditions look different for everyone but for us, they come in the form of creating memories and experiences. For example, we’ve made it a point to travel to a new city or country every year to do things like watch a professional sports game and to have weekend brunch (this is one is more of a personal favourite for me!) This started very early in our relationship when we first started dating long distance. Having a tradition, big or small, doesn’t necessarily have to involve many people, if any at all. Although we don’t have any children yet, I didn’t want to wait until they came into the picture for us to feel like a ‘real’ family.

Over the past year we’ve found family in amazing friends and our incredible support circle. Though we live in small, a one bedroom apartment, we enjoy having these people over- packed on our four seater couch and gathered around our small dining room table. We have an air mattress on hand and a pretty comfy couch for overnight guests. We both agreed was that it would be amazing to start a tradition that we could carry on for years to come and I think it will be beautiful to share the story of where it all began, years later as we gather around a dinner table large enough to occupy all our guests. Or vacationing in our holiday home with all our friends and their own families.

Having family traditions was something that I had always valued growing up and wanted for my own family when I started one. When I was young, my parents took my sister and I to a cottage by a lake where we would stay for the weekend every Christmas. We’d go out on a boat on the lake and I would be armoured up in my life jacket. I was terrified of the water but secretly loved it deep down inside.

Looking back at it now, I understand the value of those rituals as family members have passed on and dynamics have shifted. The experiences, the connections, the memories.


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10 thoughts on “Creating Family Traditions as Newly Weds

  1. Family traditions are so important! We have also made a ton of your own! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Growing up we had a lot of family get togethers that became tradition. As I grew up though and our families started to grow things changed and it was up to us to start our own traditions. It was a challenge at first but now that we have gotten into the swing of things the evolution of our own traditions especially now that we have kids has been so much fun and we cherish the memories that we make at each one!

    1. I completely agree! It helps to have a foundation to build on and it motivates you to give your own family the same memories. I can’t wait t have kids so that we can do the same for them!

    1. So interesting- my husband wasn’t familiar with Thanksgiving since they don’t have it in the UK either!

  3. Family traditions are definitely must haves! It’s always nice being able to look back and remember how fun these traditions are. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

  4. You and your husband have the right idea. It’s amazing which things are remembered from childhood. Have fun creating your own traditions.

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