Using Influencer Marketing To Build Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most innovative ways for brands and businesses to build their online presence and get in front of their target audience in an authentic way. By leveraging connections with influencers and bloggers who have engaged communities of their own, brands have the opportunity to captivate authentic connections with customers that they may not have had the chance to get in front of otherwise.

Gone are the days of using celebrities and notable household names to endorse products. The reality is that you’re most likely to make a purchase of a product through the recommendation of someone you know and trust, especially if you can relate to them and can see yourself within them. As a result, companies are reaching out to regular folks like you and I, who have the ability to connect one on one with friends and family, to promote their products and services on their behalf.

By using techniques similar to these, companies have the ability to structure their campaigns in ways that will allow them to measure success and see the return on their investment. Long after campaigns have ended, brands can still continue to gain traction from their relationships with influencers.

As a lifestyle blogger myself, I have created a platform that allows me to share my life story in ways that serve my audience and give them tangible information that they can implement in their own lives. This can be through sharing personal stories or letting them know about a tip or product that is saving me time and money. I also talk about my marriage constantly including the lessons I’ve learned, tips that can help with strengthening new relationships as well as actionable advice such as planning an affordable wedding, amongst other helpful hacks.

This personal and intimate portion of my life has allowed me to build an open and honest relationship with my audience, thus growing their trust in me. There are many bloggers and influencers who are focusing their content creation around their personal lives, relationships and weddings- content pillars that are relatable to the everyday person. By utilizing these influencers, brands have a greater chance of fostering stronger relationships with their customers through using the influencer as a middle man. 

Regardless of the point in life that you currently stand, we are all always in search of ways we can improve our lives and ourselves. Authentic stories that people can relate to sell and that is the meat and bones of influencer marketing. To put the icing on the cake, the best part of influencer marketing is that both the brand and the influencer have the ability to gain value from the relationship. 

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